Edward Alsop Court

In a city where over 10,000 people have experienced the harsh reality of homelessness, we believe Vincentian Care Plus stands out as a beacon of hope and innovation.

The streets of London are diverse, filled with individuals from all walks of life, and homelessness can strike anyone when unfortunate circumstances occur, leaving them without the safety net of family and friends. The cost of living crisis, lack of affordable housing, and inadequate funding for homeless services have driven a significant increase in the number of people sleeping rough in recent years.
However, for some, homelessness is more than just a housing issue; it is a complex challenge deeply intertwined with chaotic life experiences.

Vincentian Care Plus has embarked on an innovative approach to address this complex issue, centered around Edward Alsop Court in the London Borough of Westminster. This endeavor is the result of collaboration between three agencies: Vincentian Care Plus, Look Ahead, and Westminster Adult Team, working in synergy to define specific roles and interventions.

This project represents an integrated approach, with Vincentian Care Plus primarily focusing on delivering care and support directly to the most vulnerable residents with entrenched complex needs. Westminster Social Services commission VCP's input, playing a vital support role in monitoring the quality of inputs and outcomes. Look Ahead concentrates on delivering excellence in housing support and future pathways for those who are ready and able to transition.

At VCP, we're not just in the business of providing care; we are in the business of delivering results. Our commitment to excellence, relentless pursuit of outcomes, and investment in our team's development make us a true force for positive change in the lives of our service users at Edward Alsop Court and beyond.